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Women in AI Leadership- an AI 2030 Special Issue

🌟 AI 2030 Women in AI Special Issue 🌟 On International Women's Day 2024, we are delighted to announce the official launch of the "Women in AI Leadership Award." 🚀 This initiative aims to honor the extraordinary accomplishments of women trailblazers in the field of artificial intelligence.

👩‍💻 This award celebrates the exceptional contributions and groundbreaking work of female leaders who are shaping the future of AI innovation, advancement, and application on a global scale. We believe it's crucial to recognize and amplify the impact of women in AI who are driving change and inspiring the next generation.

📰 As part of this celebration, AI 2030 Magazine has dedicated a special issue to showcase some of the most incredible women AI leaders in our community. Head over to their page to discover and be inspired by their remarkable work! Betsy Ziegler, Diya Wynn, Tricia Martínez-Saab, Valeria Sadovykh, Ph.D. Noelle Russell (Microsoft MVP, AI)

Women in AI (1)
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